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Part 2: Now you are ready to begin making your brochure. By veiwing the videos and in your reseach you should have learned some good safety tips on how to stay safe on line. You are familiar with Microsoft Word and now we will take a look at Microsoft Publisher. It has a lot of the same formatting features that Word has.

You will make a brochure about Internet Safety so that you can make sure none of the bad things you read about happens to anyone you know!

You may use clip art, pictures, and shapes to enhance your brochure, but make sure you add enough information to cover the major points of Internet Safety. Include your name in a "by" area.

Exemplar Brochures



Video source

Maryland Teacher Technology Standards

Technology Education Voluntary State Curriculum


Make sure that you have looked at the Examplar Brochures and reviewed the grading rubric before you complete your project.

What advice would you give to a younger person about to post their first blog?